Foodchain & the importance of animals in our ecosystem
Herman Petrov
December 10, 2021


The trail is created in cooperation between the students of Tallinnn University and Tallinn Zoo. Total capacity: 1.5 hours Location: Tallinn Zoo, North Entrance (Paldiski maantee 145) Requirements: Smartphone, mobile internet The trail can be done both alone or in a suggested groups of 3-4 members. After completing the trail the studens will have skills how to: 1. recognize and relate omnivores, carnivores and herbivores 2. create a food chain 3. analyze the ecosystem in different situations 4. rate and understand the importance of animals in ecosystem 5. use digital environments for education purposes Note: To complete the trail it is important know the path. The maps for this trail are available: A. From the North Entrance (Paldiski maantee 145) Information B. Online link :

Difficulty Level


Playing Time

120 minutes



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Tallinn Zoo

Activity Items

  • icon   Food chains
  • icon   A three-part food chain
  • icon   Polar bear nutrition
  • icon   Polar bear food table
  • icon   Takin in chain
  • icon   Scavengers
  • icon   Scavenger: Raven
  • icon   The importance of raven
  • icon   A camel's hump
  • icon   Camel and mathematics
  • icon   Siberian white crane and nutrition
  • icon   Ecosystem and scavengers
  • icon   Striped hyena food table
  • icon   Grey seal and nutrition
  • icon   Memory test: the food chain
  • icon   Omnivores advantage
  • icon   Asiatic lion
  • icon   Predator characteristics